Canoe rental

  2 hours 1 day 1 week
CANADIAN CANOE 15 € 35 € 125 €
KAYAK, SINGLE 30 € 40 € 150 €
KAYAK, DOUBLE 35 € 45 € 175 €

Examples of our available kayaks: Star 500 ja Duo 530 , Hasle Expedition , Nelo , Point 65 , Robson Puffin, Perception, Star 630 and so on...

Also SUP boards!

Naturally, all required equipment such as paddles, life jackets, hole covers etc., as well as our expert guidance, are included in the prices.

Trailer rental and transportation agreed upon separately.

Paddling Training

An experienced guide authorised by the Finnish Canoe Association will run the various paddling courses arranged by us:

  • basic courses for kayak and Canadian canoe paddling
  • advanced courses - such as wave paddling, sea paddling, rapids paddling, rescutus (rescue training), different Eskimo turns etc.

Paddling Trips

Sea paddling trips: departing from e.g. Teijo, Salo, Särkisalo, or Kasnäs

Also more demanding trips that last several days

Lake paddling: e.g. on the lakes in the Teijo area, Kisko region, etc.

River trips: Kiskonjoki, Salonjoki and Halikonjoki (providing that water levels are high enough), as well as many rivers in Eastern Finland and Lapland

Rapids paddling: e.g. in the rushing waters of Kymijoki, or Salonjoki in flood season

Ask for an offer on trips and courses, or rent a canoe and take a DIY trip!

It's our pleasure to offer You new canoeing experiences!

Kai: +358 40-522 6325