A 2 to 4 hour action adventure with control points

  • in the varied nature of the Teijo National Park
  • packages available at other Finnish locations
  • you can choose from our product family and build a package to your liking - be it a one-hour outing or a two-day adventure where you spend the night in the rough

Optional adventure elements to choose from:

  • Stand Up Paddling
  • paddling in Canadian canoes
  • paddling in kayaks
  • Savotta tent sauna
  • snowshoeing
  • sleeping in the rough in an Army tent
  • rock climbing/descent
  • wilderness archery, recurve bows and crossbows
  • target practice with blowpipes, airguns, and slingshots
  • team activities with control points
  • point-to-point tasks with nature, woodcraft, and Kalevala themes
  • digital nature package
  • cooking in the wild, at a hut or lean-to
  • climbing on bottle racks
  • kayak tournaments
  • kayak roulette
  • First Aid activities in the wild
  • photograph orienteering

Price examples:

  • paddling guidance and shooting games in the wild, 55€/person
  • paddling guidance and rock climbing/descent, 55€/person
  • cooking activities and archery or paddling guidance, 60€/person
  • bottle rack climbing and archery or paddling guidance, 60€/person


Note! You can book meals, sauna, and meeting space together with your package through us